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Ferrite permanent magnet can be made into what shape?
Fri Aug 2021ADMIN

In the ferrite magnet we see, most of them are round, ring, square, tile (arc) based, less chance to see shaped ferrite magnet, today to introduce you to this irregular shape of ferrite magnet.

Special-shaped ferrite magnet, also called irregular ferrite, production need mold, processing into different shape is more trouble, so the unit price is not low, with relatively few customers, basically are ndfeb material replaced.

Ferrite magnet can be made into what shape?

Ferrite magnet special-shaped processing is mainly edge cutting Angle, open groove, porous, common special-shaped ferrite magnet triangle, slotted round or square ferrite magnet, semicircle, convex, love shape, runway type and so on.

If you have profiled ferrite magnets need to quote or make samples, welcome to provide drawings to us.

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