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How to deal with the surface of ferrite magnet?
Mon Jul 2021ADMIN
Ferrite magnet, we also call it general magnetic, ceramic, black magnetic, etc., is a widely used magnetic material, the common shape of a ring, round, rectangular, arc and irregular abnormity, how to deal with its surface? What can we do about it? I want to talk to you today.
How to deal with the surface of ferrite magnet?
Good corrosion resistance, ferrite magnet in water not corrosion, can resist many alkaline solution, dilute acid and organic solvents and some hydroxyl chemical erosion, which is very suitable for salt water environment (no corrosion problems), can use acid (hydrochloric acid) etching, the surface is generally not for processing, do not need any protective coating.
Black ferrite magnet
Ferrite permanent magnets can be painted or nickel plated, mainly in medical applications.
For most applications, ferrite magnets (ceramic magnets) do not require any coating and can be used as-is.

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