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  • Including the Rectangular magnetic chuck, Round magnetic chuck, Sine plate magnetic chuck, Wire-cutting versatile magnetic chuck, Rotatable, magnetic chuck etc.
    1. It applies for surface grinder, sparkle machine and linear cutting machine.
    2. When turning magnetic force ON/OFF, the flat face accuracy of magnetic force surface does not change and can keep high precision processing surface. 
    3. The fine-pitch magnetic poles make it ideally suitable  for small and thin work pieces.
    4. Made from permanent magnet, with strong magnetic force and little remained magnetism. 
    5. Specially designed for steady and high precision operation.
    6. High performance magnetic steel in disc has strong suction and almost diminishes remnant magnet
    Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck
    Excellent holding power with low energy consumption. 
    Suitable for grinding application, holding components on grinding matchines. 
    Available in diameter from 12mm ~600mm
    The base is made of high-quality steel and processed by heat treatment.The parallel degree 0.005mm/100mm of angles with high hardness and precision is obtained by the gauge block.

    Model L B C D E A P Tilting degree Weight(Kg)
    X4210175  175 100 86 75 48 225 2 0-60° 11.5
    X421515  150 150 100 200 or 15
    X421530  300 150 100 350 4 32
    X4212525  250 125 75 300 1+3 19.5

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